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304 STAINLESS STEEL hand disinfectant dispenser

MATERIAL:304 STAINLESS STEEL hand disinfectant dispenser
Table-top and wall-mount
Auto Disposable Disinfectant Hand Dryer CY-0731
Ensuring easy, convenient, safe and reliable for hands disinfection
Installation is very simple and easy without dismantling with microcomputer controlling its action
AC220V-250V/50HZ 25W
Because of advanced pump fit to all kinds of liquid can be applicable, like shampoo, liquid soap, sanitizer, etc.
Liquid volume:1.0~8.0ml/time
Induction distance:10±5cm
Product size:22×19×37cm
Quantity: 4 pieces/carton
Carton dimensions: 50.5*43.7*47.5CM

N.W: 14  KGS
G.W: 17  KGS

It can dispense as SPRAY
Spraying directly on your skin
Primary application: school, health care, institutions, hospitals,  office, hotel, food factory etc.

Completing the disinfection within 10 seconds

Kills 99.9% of surface bacteria on your skin

No undesirable side effects

Volatilization is speed

No need of washing and drying
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